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Linked Teams (Collaborative Entity) Pilot

Published Wed 06 Mar 2024

As agreed at the SWHL General Meeting on 26 February 2024, a working group led by Sue Briggs - Fixtures Convenor, has developed an Annexure for the 2024 SWHL Conditions of Play relating to the Linked Teams (Collaborative Entity) Pilot. Please see attached.

Please review the attached Annexure document and reply with any questions or comments to the SWHL Secretary no later than Friday 15 March 2024. Please note that the Linked Teams (Collaborative Entity) Pilot has already been approved for the 2024 season by the SWHL club delegates so your feedback and or comments should relate to the Annexure document only if clarification is required.

Should you wish to enter into a Collaborative Entity MOU with another club you will need to complete the Collaborative Entity EOI form attached and return it to the SWHL Secretary no later than Friday 15 March 2024 for the consideration of the SWHL Committee. Accompanying your EOI should be a brief statement addressing the criteria detailed in the annexure and signed by a maximum of two clubs. Collaborative entities will be advised of the outcome of your EOI by 23 March 2024 via email, and may be contacted to discuss aspects of their respective EOI as a part of the SWHL Committee decision making process.

Kind regards
Tracy Lane
Secretary SWHL

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