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Final Important Details and Downloads for 2024

Published Fri 05 Apr 2024

2024 SWHL Conditions of Play

See final version attached which include the new Collaborative Entity Principles as an Annexure. 

Team Lists

Hopefully you have all submitted your team lists (excel versions) to the Opens Registrars - Donna Parsons and Micheal Gunner and Masters to Emma Thuell. You have until before your clubs first game to have your team lists loaded into the SWHL Revolutionise platform. Please reach out if you have any issues. Remember there can only be a couple of reason why a player will not load into system as follows:

  1. Do you have the data of birth in the correct format - yyyy-mm-dd? Save your CSV file in this date format and close your document but do not open the document again before you load the file in the SWHL portal. The file will revert to the original date format if you open the file before loading into the system.
  2. Are your players registered with a National ID number - If they have not completed their online registration and paid for the new season you will not be able to load them. The SWHL Portal links to HNSW/HAUS registrations.
  3. Is the player's name and date of birth exactly how the player has provided their details for registration. If it’s not, the system will not accept it. For example, if HNSW has the player registered as Catherine and you have them in your csv load as Cath, the system will not accept it. Player first name and surname must be spelt in your csv load exactly how HAUS/HNSW has received it. 

Unfinancial Players from 2023

So far I have received details of one unfinancial player from Briars. I will be checking for this player in the system before Round One. If you know you have a new player who came from Briar please reach out to me so I can advise if your player is the unfinancial player. The unfinancial player will not be able to take the field for another club until they have paid their outstanding fees and have clearance from Briars.  

Post Round 1 Transfers

To avoid similar situations to last year where clubs lost points for registering a player who is already registered and has taken the field with another club, please email me if a new player comes to you after Round 1. I can then check in the system to make sure they are not already registered with another club. If they are registered with another club, you will need to get clearance from the other club before that player can take the pitch for your club. Please note this is your only warning regarding this issue. 

Manager Checklist

I had a request for a checklist for new managers to SWHL. We didn't have one so I have put one together. See attached. Hopefully I've not missed anything. Please pass on to your new managers or experienced managers who want a refresher. It's worth all managers keeping this document on hand for game days along with the 2024 SWHL Conditions of Play. 

Incident Report Form

Finally the incident report form is also attached. Hopefully no one will need to use it - fingers crossed. 

I think that's it. You already have the draws and 2024 match cards along with instructions for loading players and loading match results. As always please reach out if you have any questions. Best of luck to all teams this weekend. 

Kind regards
Tracy Lane
Secretary SWHL

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