Treatment of Blood Injuries at SOP

Sydney Women's Hockey League, Sun May 7, 2017 5:15PM

Current provisions for the treatment of fluid injuries (blood):
1.     The provision of ‘blood buckets’ has been missing on both pitches as those previously supplied appear to have been removed without notification. Replacements are in place and a tightening of verification will result. A small brush will be attached to the bucket.
2.     SOPA staff attending as FA assistants should supply a FA kit (as appropriate) and this kit should have:
·         Protective gloves
·         Absorbent material
·         Disposable plastic bag
·         Detergent or sanitizer
A review of our FA kits has confirmed that this material is within.
Should SOPA staff attend to fluid injuries, these materials should be utilized in the management of these injuries.
3.     The Conditions of Hire specify that the exact treatment of such injuries is at the discretion of the hirer in line with their risk management approach and their first aid management. See extracts from below
2. Hirers Responsibilities
d. arranging appropriate first aid services for competitors and all other persons involved in, or associated with,
                the booked Activity;
e. conducting relevant risk assessments for the activities planned and arranging controls pertaining to those risks.
f. reporting any accident or injury occurring at the Facility during the period of hire.
Hockey Centre
g. The Hirer must provide a nominated, suitably qualified and identifiable First Aid Attendant and First Aid kit
                for each booking. SOPA will provide a
First Aid attendant in support who has access to emergency equipment.

Dedicated First Aid Attendants may be organised in advance specifically
for Hockey subject to cost.
All injuries sustained on the turf involving blood must be appropriately treated.
4.     Special events, tournaments or competitions may have alternative arrangements confirmed.
5.     Furthermore a new Defibrillator and Oxygen unit has been assembled outside the FA room at Olympic Hockey. These facilities are available for all emergency situations and will be alarmed in the coming weeks. 
Stephen Donovan
Centre Manager
Sports Centre, Hockey Centre & Sports Halls
Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Last updated: Friday April 20, 2018 6:10PM