Respect for Officials Pledge

Sydney Women's Hockey League, Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:28AM

During this season, one of Hockey NSW main focuses will be promoting respect and tolerance for our hard-working officials. These volunteers are often subjected to offensive, abusive and insulting behaviour and language. This is never acceptable and needs to be stamped out of our game.  


The reality is that without officials, we would not have a sport. This is why we are encouraging every participant in NSW to show your support and take the Respect for Officials pledge. We encourage everybody to step up and show their support, including players, parents, coaches and volunteers.  


We all have a part to play and by becoming a #ChampionOfRespect for your team, club and association, we can work together to ensure that the hockey field is always a safe and inviting place. 


Recently we announced that Kylie Seymour and Zeke Newman, two of Australia’s premier umpires, have agreed to be ambassadors for this campaign. They will be attending several events throughout the year, mentoring young umpires and sharing their passion with everyone in our community. We are privileged and excited to have them on board.


We will be updating our pledge tally weekly, so make sure to put your name down and make it count. Make sure to become a #ChampionOfRespect by also sharing the pledge with your family and friends.


Make your pledge here

Last updated: Monday March 19, 2018 10:30AM