Notes from Revolutionise Training - 19 March

Sydney Women's Hockey League, Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:19PM

Guidelines from the Revolutionise Meeting are available to download here


Minutes from the February 2018 meeting can be downloaded here. 


Please take some time to read the minutes especially if you were not able to attend the meeting as there was a lot discussed - in particular regarding the draw and the new RevolutioniseSports platform SWHL is moving across to from the start of the season. Please see below advice regarding a Special Meeting and Workshop that ALL clubs are required to attend. 


Special Meeting and workshop - 19 March 2018 7.30pm Eve Redfern Room (above Pitch 2) Homebush

We are holding a Special Meeting and workshop on Monday 19 March 2018 from 7.30pm. All clubs are asked to send a delegate and their club registrars/admin person that is responsible for player registrations on your club version of the RevolutioniseSports Platform. We need to take you through what's required to register your teams and players on the new SWHL platform. At this stage this will be the only workshop we hold so it is to your clubs benefits to attend and send the relevant people. Thanks. 


Conditions of Play change requests for 2018

As mentioned at the February meeting, we are accepting requests for changes to the SWHL Conditions of Play for 2018. All changes will be reviewed and considered at the workshop on 19 March. Changes need to be accepted by SWHL delegates before they become ratified for inclusion in the 2018 Conditions of Play. Please send any change request to the SWHL Secretary Tracy Lane by Friday 16 March at the latest so the changes can be collated and circulated to club delegates and the SWHL committee before the meeting on 19 March.


You can view the 2017 Conditions of Play as a download here. 


Dates for future SWHL General Meetings

Please take note of the following SWHL meeting dates for 2018. Meetings are the 4th Monday of each month.

  • 30 April 2018 (not the 4th Monday as we have Div1 and Div2 Masters that night)
  • 25 June 2018
  • 27 August 2018
  • 26 November 2018 (AGM)


Mosman Harbourside Proposal - scheduling of the final series

A proposal from Mosman Harbourside as detailed in the February minutes can be downloaded here.


Please have your club review the proposal. We will discuss at the next General Meeting on 30 April 2018. Thanks. 


Kind regards

Tracy Lane

Secretary SWHL

Ph: 042321026

Last updated: Friday April 6, 2018 7:56PM