2017 Finals Schedule and Results

Sydney Women's Hockey League, Wed Sep 6, 2017 3:23PM

Finals Schedule and Results




Grand Finals


Sunday 17 September


ML1: Ryde-HH def. GNS 5-2

ML2: UNSW def. Moorebank-Liverpool 4-0

ML3: Sydney Uni. def. Hills-Strikers 1-0

ML4: Moorebank-Liverpool def. Sydney Uni 4-0

ML5: Mosman-Harbourside def. Glebe 1-0

ML6: Mosman-Harbourside def. Ryde-HH 1-0


Preliminary Finals


Sunday 10 September


ML1: Ryde-HH def. Moorebank-Liverpool 3-2

ML2: UNSW def. Sydney Uni 4-3 after Penalty Shoot-Out, full time was 2-2

ML3: Strikers def. Macarthur-Bankstown 3-1

ML4: Sydney Uni def. Mosman-Harbourside 4-1

ML5: Mosman-Harbourside def. Moorebank-Liverpool 2-0

ML6: Mosman-Harbourside def. UNSW  2-1




Sunday 3 September


ML1 Major: GNS def. Moorebank-Liverpool
ML1 Minor: Ryde-HH def. Sydney Uni


ML2 Major: Moorebank-Liverpool def. UNSW
ML2 Minor: Sydney Uni def. GNS


ML3 Major: Sydney Uni def. Macarthur-Bankstown
ML3 Minor: Hills-Strikers def. Glebe


ML4 Major: Moorebank-Liverpool def. Mosman-Harbourside 4-1
ML4 Minor: Sydney Uni def. Wentworthville 7-1


ML5 Major: Glebe def. Moorebank-Liverpool 2-0
ML5 Minor: Mosman-Harbourside def. GNS 6-1


ML6 Major: Ryde drew Mosman-Harbourside 1-1 (Ryde progress to GF)
ML6 Minor: UNSW def. Macarthur-Bankstown 4-1




Grand Finals


Wednesday 13 September



Div 1: SEHA def. NSB 6-5 on penalties, game tied 1-1 after regular and extra time.

Div 2: NSB def. Campbelltown 2-0

Div 3: Macarthur def. NSB 2-0

Div 4: SEHA def. Nepean vs. SEHA 3-1


Preliminary Finals


Monday 11 September


Div 1: NSB drew NSB White 0-0 (NSB progress to GF)

Div 2: Campbelltown def. NWS Blue 3-0

Div 3: Macarthur def. UTS 3-1

Div 4: SEHA def. NWS Red. 3-1




Wednesday 30 August

Div 1 Major: SEHA def. NSB
Div 1 Minor: NSB White def. NWS


Div 2 Major: NSB def. Campbelltown 
Div 2 Minor: NWS Blue def. NWS Red



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